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I made these "house rules" to be put on our wall (laminated) so it is in plain sight and a reminder as to what my girls are working towards for their incentive jars to be filled. It's colorful, it didnt cost me a penny since it was made of things I already had and it was easy to make:).

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The first round of the Tournament of Movie Fanatic Franchises Bracket is almost over! Today's matchup: James Bond vs. Blood and Ice Cream.He’s back! And he’s still a bad ass killer. I called the original John Wick stylishly violent, and this one takes it up another notch, both on the style and the violence. But it’s….

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Come per il precedente anno vi pubblico il pacchetto completo con tutte le canzoni del 1 Gennaio 2011 e successivamente aggiungerò quelle che verranno modificate con il relativo script per la rinominazione automatica. La Pass per tutte le release sarà: krb198 Istruzioni per le nuove release: 1. Scarica l'ultima versione Full 2. Scaricare la successiva release Upgrade 3. Copiare tutti i file.